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Royal Commission into Mental Health

You may wish to submit your story, complaints, issues, to the Royal Commission into violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disabilities?  This is a National Royal Commission and it has a team of lawyers who will provide free advice, so this RC is authentic in aiming to prosecute perpetrators of harm and abuse.

About the Royal Commission

Victoria is holding a Royal Commission into Mental Health during 2019 – 2020. This will be an important opportunity for mental health consumers to have many serious issues addressed, including our human rights, safety and access to services that are actually helpful.

VMIAC (Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council) will be active throughout the Royal Commission: sharing news, making submissions, and supporting our fellow consumers to speak out

VMIAC’s submissions to the Royal Commission

JAN 2019: Submission to the Terms of Reference Consultation (Download PDF file, 38pg)
JUL 2019: From Harm to Humanity: Submission to the Royal Commission into Mental Health (Download PDF file, 24 pg)

Making your own submission

Lots of consumers are making their own submission direct to the Royal Commission, and lots of others are contacting VMIAC for support. We understand that making a submission can be emotionally challenging, and complex. VMIAC can support you to make a submission in these ways:

Self-help flyers and cheat sheets

Our self-help flyers can lead you through the submission process and they have lots of handy tips. Download them below:

Flyer 1: Different ways to make a submission (Download PDF file, 1pg)

Flyer 2: How to make a submission by post (Download PDF file, 2pg)

Flyer 3: How to make a submission online (Download PDF file, 8pg)

Cheat sheet on the Terms of Reference (Download PDF file, 12pg)

Cheat sheet on the ’11 Questions’ (Download PDF file, 6pg)

Need some one-on-one advice?

We have a Royal Commission peer worker rostered in our Brunswick East office every Monday and Wednesday.

We’re available to answer questions about how to make your submission, advise you on how the process works and provide peer support if needed. We can support you by phone, by email or with a one-off face-to-face session (by appointment). Please call us for appointments rather than just drop-in, otherwise we can’t guarantee someone will be available.

Contact us:
Phone: (03) 9380 3900

Want to join a workshop?

We’re running workshops across Victoria where you can meet other consumers making a submission, talk over the process and get support if needed. More info on our workshops is available here.

Keep up with the latest Royal Commission news

To keep up with the latest news from VMIAC’s perspective, follow us on Twitter and Facebook