Bipolarlife A New Treatment Trial for Bipolar Disorder

A New Treatment Trial
Bipolar Disorder

Do you have bipolar disorder and are looking for
something more than your
usual treatment?

A New Treatment Trial for Bipolar Disorder

The Aim

The project aims to determine if an extract of mangosteen fruit helps to reduce symptoms of depression in those with Bipolar Disorder.

The Reason

It is believed that the symptoms of bipolar depression may be partially caused by increased levels of inflammation and oxidative stress (an imbalance in the levels of antioxidants) in the brain. There is evidence to suggest that the rind of the fruit from the Mangosteen tree contains bioactive compounds that may be beneficial in reducing oxidative stress, which may in turn reduce the symptoms experienced by those with bipolar depression.

Key Points for Participants

  • The trial will NOT involve any costs.
  • People will continue their usual treatment.
  • The study has two arms, the placebo arm which will not contain mangosteen fruit extract and the active arm which does contain mangosteen fruit extract.
  • The treatment trial will last 24 weeks with regular 4 weekly assessments.
  • We will require your commitment to taking two capsules once a day with food.
  • You will attend a follow up visit 1 month after the completion of the study.
  • Once enrolled in the study you will receive re-imbursement of travel expenses up to $20 at each visit completed.

Persons Eligible for the Trial

Anyone 18 years or older with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and currently experiencing low mood.

Contact Details

Persons wishing to take part in the trial can obtain more information from: Aswathy Viswambharan

0402 196 595