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Drug Links

Ass AUS The Australian Drug Information Network adin Internet-bAssed alcohol and drug information
Ind USA Dr Ann Blake Tracy antidepressantf Searching for antidepressant facts website
Ass AUS The Pharmacy Guild of Australia The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Ch IRE Aware aware Lithium – Educational
Ed USA University of Alabama at Birmingham biopsychiatry Anti-bipolar therapy: mechanism of action of lithium*
Ass AUS Ceida ceida Providing important information about drugs
Co NZ Drugsite Trust Comprehensive drug information (incl. interactions)
Org AUS Aboriginal Catholic Ministry for Victoria familydrughelp Support, information, education alcohol and other drug use
Ed USA US Food and Drug Administration fda US Food & Drug Administration website
Ass CAN Medical Lobby for Appropriate Marketing healthyskept Countering misleading drug promotion
Ass USA American Association for Clinical Chemistry labtestsonline Resource on Lab Testing
Ed USA Indiana University – Pharmacology Dept medicine.iupu Drug Interaction Tables and Asssessments
Ass USA The Medical Letter, Inc. medlet Critical appraisals of new drugs and comparative reviews of older drugs.
Gvt USA National Institutes of Health ncbi-pubmed Study Publications DatabAsse
Ass AUS National Prescribing Service nps independent, non-profit organisation for Quality Use of Medicines.
Org USA Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America phrma Pharmaceutical research site
Org AUS Pharmaceutical Society of Australia psa Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
Co USA RxList Inc. rxlist Medical resource offering pharmaceutical info on brand and generic drugs
Ed CAN The University of British Columbia ti.ubc Provides physicians and pharmacists with up-to-date, information on prescription drug therapy.