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Org USA About Inc. allexperts Free Expert Advice
Ass USA Asssociation of Medicine and Psychiatry amedpsych Research News
Ch NZ Balance NZ Bipolar & Depression Network balance NZ Bipolar & Depression Network
Co USA WordPress beingbipolar BiPolar Website – Ads!!
Co USA Dr Jane Mountain beyondbipolar Author of Depression and Bipolar Disorder publications.
Co AUS Eli Lilly Australia Pty Ltd bipolar Bipolar info
Ed USA Stanford University bipolar The Bipolar Disorders Clinic is part of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine
Co USA The New York Times Co bipolar.about Bipolar site
Ind USA Stephen Hinshaw bipolar-101 BP news blog – Good Rescources & BP Study Updates
Grp UK Unknown bipolar4all Small Forum Site
Grp USA Unknown bipolarblues Bipolar networking forum
Ind USA Unknown bipolarbrain Private Bipolar Website
Ind USA David Oliver bipolarcentral BP – poor format – lots ads
Org AUS Australasian Society for Bipolar Disorders Ltd bipolardisorder Facilitating communication bipolar disorders
Grp USA WEGO Health bipolar-disorder Bipolar II Disorder at WEGO Health
Ind USA Unknown bipolarfella The random thoughts of a bipolar disorder sufferer – Blog
Ind CAN Unknown bipolarhelp Private Website
Ind USA Charles Geitner bipolarhome Amateur – links & books
Co CAN Sarah bipolar-lives Private Website
Ind AUS Jennifer Allen bipolarmixedstates Small Private Site
Ind USA Leslie Ellis bipolarplanet Individual site dedicated to the exploration of Bipolar Disorder
Org UK Bipolar Fellowship Scotland bipolarscotland Empowering people in Scotland who are in contact with Bipolar Disorder
Ind USA Unknown bipolarsickness Good content – Private site
Ind USA David Schafer bipolarworld Large content site
Ch AUS The Black Dog Institute blackdoginstitute Depression and bipolar disorder
Ch CAN bpdworld bpdworld Bipolar support organisation
Org CAN BPDWORLD inc. bpdworld Information & support for those with bipolar disorder
Grp USA bp Magazine bphope Bipolar Magazine website (includes Forum)
Ch USA The Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation bpkids Improves the lives of families raising children and teens living with bipolar disorder
Grp USA Bipolar Significant Other bpso Organization whose members exchange support and information about bipolar disorder
Co USA Healthcare Technology Systems btp Biological Therapies in Psychiatry
Ind AUS Craig Hamilton craig-hamilton Australian BP celebrity
Ass USA The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance dbsa National organization focusing on the most prevalent mental illnesses.
Org USA The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Boston dbsaboston Community of people with medically diagnosed bipolar and depressive illness and their families and friends.
Ch USA The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance dbsalliance Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Grp AUS Bipolar Disorder Support Association evenkeel Even Keel offers support through a network of support groups in  Western Australia
Co USA © everydayhealth General Health Website
Org USA The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance facingus The Facing Us Clubhouse is a program brought to you by DBSA.
Co USA Cracktonic Projects Pty Ltd findingoptimism Software & Electronic Mood Diary
Ind AUS Suzanne G McKenzie FyrenIyce Private Australian Bipolar Website
Ind USA unknown harbor-of-refuge Private Bipolar Links Site
Ind USA Stephen L. Bernhardt have-a-heart Private Depression Resource website
Co USA healthcentral and experts share their experiences
Co UK CMPMedica healthieryou Information for the Informed Patient
Co USA Health Network healthnetwork Health Information Website
Org USA American Psychiatric Asssociation healthyminds American Psychiatric Asssoc.
Org USA Helpguide helpguide Excellent Mental Health website
Grp USA Hopeworkscommunity hopeworkscomm Private BP blog
Ind USA Dr. Candida Fink Doctors Bipolar blog site
Ass USA International Society for Bipolar Disorders isbd Global network of individuals & professionals (Bipolar)
Ind CAN David Oliver justbipolar Bipolar blog site
Ind USA Unknown lifeloveandbipola Bipolar topics
Ind USA Gregory Kuhn manicmoment Private Bipolar site
Org USA Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research mayoclinic Multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of bipolar disorder
Ind USA John McManamy mcmanweb Bipolar links
Co UK Patty E. Fleener M.S.W mental-health-to Private mental health website
Ed USA Mood Tracker Web Media moodtracker Useful Online Tools
Co USA, Inc. organizedwisdom Mental Health Resources
Org USA Pendulum Resources pendulum Comprehensive bipolar disorder website
Ind USA Psych Central psychcentral Large Blog Blog Site & Questions Answered by Professionals
Co USA Psychiatric Times psychiatrictimes Online USA Medical Psychiatric journal
Ch USA The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation ryanlichtsangbip Fostering awareness and research for early-onset Bipolar Disorder.
Ch AUS SANE Australia sane National charity for people affected by mental illness
Ed CAN Johns Hopkins University stablemoods Largely a Bipolar site with Forum
Ind UK Seaneen Molloy thesecretlifeofam Good individual site
Co USA Lippincott Williams & Wilkins theurapeuticdrug Therapeutic Drug Publications
Ass USA WebRing®, Inc webring Bipolar ring of 57 connected USA websites
Org USA Wikipedia wikipedia Bipolar Disdorder – Wikipedia